Friday, November 07, 2008

WFX Houston - New and Cool from JBL

EON 500 SeriesJBL is out with an update to their EON portable powered speaker  lineup.  The EON 500 Series shaves a bit of weight off from the G series, as well as improving the ergonomics of slinging these very nice portable speakers around.  

Once again, they're offered in a 15 inch and 10 inch full range version, and an 18 inch subwoofer.  Power is kicked up a notch, with the 15 packing 450 watts of Crown power. The 10 inch checks in at 280 watts, and the sub kicks with 500.  The full range version include some minimal mixing onboard, and have a built in high pass filter for use with the subs.  They've also added some threaded mounting points, making it possible to suspend the boxes safely, or to wall mount them without additional hardware.

I've been a fan of the EON line since its introduction 15 years ago.  This new generation brings some great enhancements to an already solid product.

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