Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some Closing Thoughts on Echo Media

6a00d8341c972753ef00e553fc72588834-800wi[3] The Echo Media Conference wrapped up this afternoon at Watermark Community Church. Produced by the folks at Collide Magazine, it was a very interesting weekend. Very interesting mix of tech folks and creatives. An interesting mix of speakers and content that I think hit the mark.

It was great to connect with Tim, Greg, Pace, Cynthia and Tony.

The focus at Echo was the artist and the creative behind the technology. The technology was represented, but there was much more conversation about story and narrative. I think that's a great niche, and it's a needed outlet.

Mark Steele of Steelehouse Productions wrapped up the weekend perfectly with a call to authenticity in telling our own stories.

Mark says the most important group of un-reached group are people are artists. They will only listen to other artists, but they have the ability to influence and reach the rest of the world.

"We can't be funnier, we can't be wittier," Mark said.

"We have to be Jesus."

Make plans for next year's Echo Conference now. It's worth it.

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