Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Mixing Tip

Life is a bit crazy right now... so pardon the quiet around here!  I did want to pass on a very, very wise tip from an audio guru and friend of mine, Ray Rayburn. He posted this on the Church SoundCheck list serve, which you should read every day!

Ray "One of my pet peeves is the operator who has a mic that is ringing or even into feedback and they don't pull the gain on that channel a few dB instantly to stop the problem.  Instead they let the system continue to ring (and be a major distraction to the congregation) while they fiddle for a minute or two with the EQ trying to stop the feedback while not reducing the gain.  It is like they feel that if they drop the level that couple of dB to kill the problem they have somehow failed as mixers."

Great point here.  Fix the PROBLEM first. Then look for cause.  Kill the snake!  Always kill the snake.  Talk soon folks.

P.S.  From the looks of things on FeedBurner, we've got some new faces hanging around here.  Welcome!  Let me know if there's anything we can do for you, and invite a friend.  The more the merrier!

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d.k. Allen said...

Important word: "Gain" -- The immediate reaction is to pull the fader, but if the feedback is in one of the auxes, this won't help much. So grab the gain.

Cavaet: If you do not know which channel is feedbacking, what to do?

If I know the room, I can usually tell whether the offense is in the mains or the monitors - I pull the appropriate master first, then (quickly) localize - which allows me to fix the masters back, and duck the appropriate gain, and then correct with eq on the offending channel.