Saturday, August 02, 2008

Church IT as a Model For the Kingdom

IMAGE_004This is Dean Lisenby. He is one of the good guys at ACS Technologies. I snapped this at the MinistryTECH conference a few months back, when I caught him hanging out in the Fellowship Technologies booth.

And to cap it off, check out the name badge holder he's wearing!

Yeah, the photo is kind of funny, but it's actually demonstrative of an ethos I find so refreshing in the entire church technology community. It's not surprising that Dean is spending time with the guys from F1. As a community, the Church IT folks are the most ecumenical group I've ever been around. Competitors are respectful of one another. F1 and ACS are competitors, no question about it. Dean and Jeff Hook, based on my observation of them, are also friends. I've never heard a negative word from either one about the other. That's just plain cool.

Beyond the vendor community, people like Tony Dye, and Clif Guy and of course, Jason Powell, spend a lot of time just helping other churches. It's not like they have extra time, but I've never asked these guys a question, and not gotten a very quick, and always helpful response. I don't know what it is about the technology guys, but this ecumenical heart just seems to be innate, how they live and breath.

Wouldn't it be great if the rest of the world that is the Church universal worked like this!

PS... I knew Jason was working on being more healthy, but who knew how far it has come!


Dean Lisenby said...

I do appreciate your comment and would LOVE a copy of that photo so I can share it (original size) with my team.

However, there was that one-time I said horrible things about Jeff Hook. I thought he was related to Captain Hook. I later repented.

Clif Guy said...

Thanks for the good words. The Church IT RoundTable is the most truly ecumenical group I've ever been around. You're right. It IS a model for the kingdom.

jhook said...


I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

Also, could I have a copy of that picture of Dean? The previous one on my dart board is getting quite a few holes in it. :) Just kiddin', Dean!

Grace to you,


Kirk Longhofer said...

Dean... I'll send you the picture... but you have to agree to use it as your blogger profile photo!

Jeff Pelletier said...

I bet if you had taken this photo just a few minutes earlier, you'd have seen Dean purposely hiding the keys to my rental car in an effort to make me miss my flight to LA!

Dean Lisenby said...

keys?? what keys?

Justin Moore said...

That one photo does truly showcase the strength of the CITRT community. To me, it's even more than just a model for the community - can you imagine what our world would be like if private sector companies did more of this? What if car manufacturers pooled resources to come up with a more fuel-efficient engine or pharmaceutical companies joined forces to find better drugs to fight serious diseases? Kudos to Dean and Jeff for putting the Kingdom first above all else.