Sunday, August 31, 2008

Check the Cool New Blogroll

Well, I have to admit that my experiment with Blogger's rolling dynamic blogroll is a big flop. It was cool to have a blogroll updated dynamically with content from some of the blogs I follow, right in the sidebar.  But it was big time slooooww.  And it was kind of huge.  Took up a lot of real estate over there.

So, I've punted, and gone back to a traditional blogroll.  It is broken up into logical sections. And, yes, these are the people that I read regularly.  I think they offer best practices and are best of breed.  Many are my friends and colleagues.

So, check out the blogroll to the right!  And, if you're listed there, I'd love to have some link love in return!

Now, back to regular programming.  Have a great holiday.

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