Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Billboards that Work - LifeChurch and Satan has a new integrated billboard/web campaign out today. It's the latest in a series of billboard based campaigns that attempt to capture interest with something a bit outrageous, and drive people to sample a web site.
This set purport to quote Satan, who says he's not all that fond of Craig and crew.
It's fairly clever, but I'm not sure it will be effective.
I think it will generate lot of heat among church folks. Just like the PureSex series at Granger, it will get big buzz from churches and church marketers all over the country.
What I'm not sure is whether it will drive anyone who isn't already a church person through the door (or into cyberspace to check out the Internet campus).
The question to ask is this: Will it be effective with the unchurched, the nominally, or previously churched, and with a post-modern culture that's pretty gimick savy.
My guess is not so much.
I could be wrong, but I would go another way.
Take a look at this campaign done by Lover's Lane UMC in Dallas. A different tack.
The billboards were simple. You matter. Joy is possible. You Can Change the World. They all pointed to the website with the slightly ungramatical question "WannaKnowWhy?"
The website simply tells stories. Stories about real people who encountered God at Lover's Lane. Then, they were pointed into a nice entry portal on the church's regular site.
I think stories are a lot more powerful than gimmicks.
One thing I am glad about. Terry, and Bobby and Craig at LifeChurch are all very smart guys. They'll measure the results, and I'm also guessing they'll report the results. Time will tell if this campaign is effective in bringing people through the doors who are interested in taking another step toward Jesus.

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Camey said...


I definitely agree with your thoughts here about the other billboard campaign. I think real stories will be more effective. Would be great if both would share their results so that we can all learn from them.

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